About Us

Singularity Financial will be a one of a kind investment management and financial planning company. We will design and implement our clients' investment management and financial planning strategies with the coming Singularity in mind. We will employ the most advanced financial planning and investment management tools and technology while implementing many non-traditional planning assumptions that traditional financial companies just will not make. If you believe that the technological Singularity is a possibility then you cannot afford to fail to financially plan for it. Singularity Financial is going to lead the way in this endeavor for our clients.


Firm Highlights:

  • We will be Fee-Only
  • We will be a Fiduciary
  • We will provide exceptional service
  • We will maintain cutting edge technology
  • We will offer multiple custodians
  • We will donate 90% of profits to charity

Our Team

We are still in the formation stage of Singularity Financial and once we get it off the drawing board and into operation next year, we will be super excited to introduce our new team!