Planning for the extraordinary

Singularity Financial is going to be a one of a kind financial planning company that uses non-standard assumptions to do extraordinary planning to help its clients prepare for the coming technological singularity.

Coming June 2018


Anticipated Tools & Features:

  • Account aggregation

    Connect your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, investment accounts, retirement accounts online so that you can see them in one place where they can update automatically and you can keep pace on your progress towards your personal goals.

  • Utilize powerful online planning tools

    We will utilize the most sophisticated and advanced financial planning software in the industry. We will then take the “governor” off so that we can build you unconventional plans that most other financial institutions will not illustrate for you.

  • Continually update our technology and service

    We know that as the price performance cycle continues to accelerate that more, better technology will continue to be available faster and faster. We are dedicated to continual improvement and advancement of our processes and technologies so we can stay ahead of the curve in planning for your financial future.

Personalized Service:

  • An dedicated advisor for your financial planning needs

    Your advisor is dedicated to being one of the most professionally proficient in our industry and whole-heartedly believes in planning for the coming Singularity. Our promise to you is to provide the highest level of service – your advisor will never have more than 50 clients so that you may receive the attention you deserve.

  • Access to on-going advice as your life changes

    We will always take questions from you to help you streamline your financial situation on an as-needed basis.

More information coming soon!